The Divine Lorraine and Other North Broad Street Developments


High expectations for the redevelopment of Philly’s historic and infamous, Divine Lorraine, have been set since it was sold to Blumenfeld’s E.B. Realty Management in 2012. According to Plan Philly, Blumenfeld has made major progress in the last two weeks towards catapulting his vision for the Divine Lorraine into a reality. The Philadelphia Redevelopment Authority approved a $2.5 million loan and a $1 million grant. These funds, in addition to a $3.5 million state grant, will allow Blumenfeld to begin rehabilitating The Divine Lorraine this summer.

The Divine Lorraine is rumored to have 109 apartments, and 20,000 square feet of the ground floor dedicated to a lobby area and retail space.

There’s more to expect out of North Broad Street. KWY’s Mike Dunn reported that plans for a high-rise building and grocery store complex at 13th and Fairmount has received preliminary approval from Philadelphia’s city council. Pairing this new development with the envisioned Divine Lorraine could open up a plethora of neighborhood development opportunities for North Broad Street.




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